4 Reasons it’s the Golden Age of Web Design

Finally. After nearly 15 years of trying to redesign the web into something both functional and beautiful, I believe that our civilization has reached the next great golden age: The Golden Age of Web Design.

Here’s 4 reasons why.


We also had to worry about most folks were on crappy dial-up, broadband and WIFI were saved for T1 connections at office complexes. Today we are super connected and can now have to consider super sharp displays on Smart TVs and Retina Displays on Apple Products. Google craves dynamic content, that means a balance of videos, images, and text content. Diverse and rich content are what attracts visitors as well, does your site showcase diversity in content?

Free 10,000 hours of crap!



Let’s face it, the million different types of device and display sizes has opened the door to things like the death of Flash, minimalism, and flat design trends. This is very good news for the world, but minimalism and flat design (along with proper use of space) are  the more important graphic design fundamentals. These fundamentals date back to the glory days of the Bauhaus and Swiss Design. Grid systems are nothing new, but now they are being applied properly to web layouts. The good news is existing content can be ‘redesignd’ to meet design fundamentals and best practices.

Swiss Design Page Layout



Had to believe but not long ago your web font options were basically Arial, Helvetica, Georgia, or Verdana. Maybe a few other terrible options. In fact, this might be to blame for the depressing popularity of Comic Sans. But now we have options! Lots of options! Services like Google Fonts and Typekit allow great custom options to help create a unique web experience and web designs and developers alike can flex their typographic muscles and match the elegance of type in print.


Survival of the Fittest

Bad design doesn’t sell, and in today’s super competitive market you have to have an advantage and differentiate. A poorly designed web site and/or user experience will leave a business vulnerable, and eventually natural election will thin the herd.

If your business isn’t enjoying the glory of this new golden age, I can help get you there. Contact me today for a FREE site consultation. Long live the golden age!