Groove Branding

Aligning Brand Perception and Reality

When potential customers are confused about your brand based on your identity, change needs to happen. What started as a recommendation in 2012, eventually became a massive undertaking in 2013 to update the Groove brand identity and solidify its place in the market as a legitimate contender in the creative digital agency realm.

The agency was much more than just e-commerce, so the first step was to remove the shopping cart icon and change Groove Commerce to Groove. The next step was to recreate the identity, to design a trademark that reflected the strategy nature of the agency, and become a symbol that stood on its own in a noisy marketplace. I wanted to create an icon that had dual meaning, as both a “G” and a symbol for full service and growth. I utilized the golden ration to compose the icon and to layout the formal full logo.

  • Groove Formal Logo
  • Groove_G_Prints@2x
  • Groove_Geometry@2x
  • GrooveFlat@2x
  • Groove_Banner@2x
  • Groove_Prints@2x
  • Groove_Wall@2x
  • Groove_Outside@2x
  • Groove_Timeline@2x
  • GotGrooveSite@2x